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Based in NYC, Sylvia Schwartz works with fabric, paper, plaster, resin and photography. Schwartz has worked extensively at Dieu Donne Papermill; casting primarily with molds made directly from findings on the beach. With nature as a starting point, Schwartz’s work transforms something that is no longer living into the present moment. Schwartz received a degree in fine art from the Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne, Australia, and later studied sculpture at Columbia University. Her work has been seen in group exhibitions in Manhattan, New Jersey, and Brooklyn, including BWAC, Nurture Art, ODETTA, Lesley Heller Gallery and the Visual Arts Center of New Jersey.  Her work was featured in the book Attachments by Anne Marie Dannenberg.

"Paper is an exciting medium for me allowing me to sculpt, draw and paint simultaneously.  I start with the liquid pulp, layering sheets into molds.  I add handfuls of pigmented pulp so that the color becomes part of the structure.  The flow of the pulp (a natural phenomenon in itself) meshes with the forms to join the natural and human elements.  I feel like a conductor helping the pulp diverge and converge under the constraints provided by the mold. When the molds are removed from the sheets, they leave evidence of form, time, transformation, rebirth and decay." 

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